Finding cost neutral and alternative fuel sources in age of ever increasing fuel costs is becoming all the more important to many home owners. HCP can provide you with a no obligation consultation service and energy assesment to see if you would benefit from installing renewable energy sources into your home or business.

We can provide information and advice on installation of the following products and systems:

Solar Thermal

Heat from the sun used to indirectly heat stored water in your cylinder for your hot water requirements. At certain times of the year almost all your hot water can be produced this way and overall will greatly reduce your reliance on standard fuel such as gas or oil.  Not only can you save money but you can also reduce the effects of climate change by burning less fossil fuels.

Solar PV ( PhotoVoltaics )

Electricity from the Sun

Similar to Solar thermal only the panels on your roof look different and in fact convert rays from the sun into electricity to be used in your home.

The main advantages to you are that you end up with cheaper or in some cases no electricity bills,  as you are producing and using your own electricity and buying less or none from your energy supplier.  Added to that the government will actually pay you for producing your own ‘clean’ energy! ( See ‘Fits’ – Feed in Tariff Scheme ).

A combination of the Thermal and PV can greatly reduce your living costs.


Heating and Hot Water from wood fuel – wood chip or pellets ( biomass )

Particularly relevant for those who use oil as a fuel or who are ‘off grid’ and cannot use gas. Biomass means wood or certain grasses that can be burnt for fuel. Not only is this cheaper as a fuel source than oil,  especially as the cost of oil is ever increasing but is also environmentally friendly.  The reason being that any Co2 released into the atmosphere when burnt is drawn out in equal measure in growth. Thus it becomes a carbon neutral source. (As opposed to oil which is fossil fuel, sequestered for millions of years, and then released back into the atmosphere).

Ground/Air Source Heat Pumps

(Heat energy from the sun found underground or in the air and converted for home use)

If you have a well insulated house this could be the solution for you.  Particularly when used in conjunction with under floor heating (UFH) Heat from the ground (GSHP) or from the air (ASHP) is converted via an integral heat exchanger (like a fridge in reverse) and used for space heating or hot water use.

Rain/ Grey Water Harvesting

Save money on water bills &  help protect the environment.

An average person in the UK uses approximately 150 litres of water every day – That’s a conservative estimate! – The majority of that water could be re used for flushing toilets, washing clothes (washing machines) watering the garden and washing cars.

Rainwater Harvesting is simple and just means diverting all the water that hits your roof and runs along your gutters into either ‘water butts’ or a large purpose built tank in the ground. This water can then be re used rather than wasted or run straight back into the ground/sewerage system.

Grey Water Harvesting is similar to rain water but means the re use of bath/shower water (filtered to remove detergents) for use in WCs and washing machines where are vast amount of water is wasted.

HCP Plumbing and Heating can advise on the technology, capital costs involved and which if any would be a viable cost effective solution for you.